Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Lack of streetlights in the Lakewood West Addition, commonly known as the “Crossland Addition,” has some residents worried about their safety.

Kim Carpino who lives in the addition spoke to the council, including new council members Rodney Oels, Hollie Young, and Virgil Buckner, about how dark the area is and the problems they’ve been having recently. Carpino said when they moved in three years ago they were told then they would need to purchase their own street lights. She said recently eight houses have been broken into and she and other residents of the area no longer feel safe. Carpino said she was not sure if there were restrictions on what kind of lighting they needed to have in the area, but said she had talked to neighbors who had the special lighting and was told they did not mind standard street lights being put into the area. Police Chief Chuck Sharp agreed with the residents there was indeed a problem with lighting in the area and stressed that it was something that should be looked at closely. He said with more families moving into the addition there were more children and it is a problem which really needs to be addressed. City Superintendent Jim Burton will be checking with Crossland Construction to see what can be done about the situation and whether or not there are restrictions on what kind of lighting can be put into the addition.

Burton said the city has started spring cleanup. He said weed notices have been sent out as of Monday. He also said the city is not picking up brush this year. He said they’re offering places for the brush to be taken, but if it hasn’t been taken care of by the time spring cleanup is over then brush notices will be sent out.

Burton also said the two air conditioning units at the museum have broken down. He said one is currently being repaired because it is still under warranty, but asked the council whether they wanted to completely replace the other one or just try to repair it. Burton told the council he had gotten bids on what it would cost to repair and what a new unit would cost. He told the council that if they replaced just the broken part on the one unit there was a chance they could still have problems with it. The council voted to buy a new unit for $4,062 from Commercial Residential Services.

Burton asked the council if he could take bids for concrete work on the VFW fishing park dock as part of a grant  from the state. The council approved the motion for bids.

Burton also asked the council if he could take bids for a new vac machine for the water and sewer departments. The vac machine is used to clear debris from areas that are being worked on by the water and sewer departments.

Burton also told the council the driveway at Hatfield Chevrolet-Buick is currently being looked at for repairs because when it was put it the angles on the driveway were incorrect and car haulers drag when they come in.

Burton told the council he looked into the sewer issue which was discussed at the last council meeting.

Clinton Hudson came to the council on April 4, with concerns over sewage backing up into the basement of his daughter’s home each time it rained.

Burton said they sent a camera through the line and did not find any blockages. He said the camera did not encounter anything and went the full length. He said they currently can not find any reason for the sewage to be backing up into Hudson’s basement.

Fire Chief Brad Gleason said they have had 151 runs this year and the charity basketball tournament starts 8 a.m. Saturday.

City Attorney Robert Myers said he would help Burton rewrite the ads for summer help to clarify the job description and hours. He also said he would be going over the pool contracts with the Property, Pool and Parks Committee as soon as the new committees are set.

Burton told the council Empire will be giving away trees from 3 to 5 p.m. April 29 at the Columbus City Park.

In other business, the council:

• Elected Grant Spieth as president of the council.

• Mayor Marie Nepple read a proclamation concerning Arbor Day from Empire District Electric, which proclaimed May 2 as Empire’s Arbor Day Celebration.