Homer Bristow

I watched world news on T.V. all weekend and I have come to a conclusion. America is going to hell in a convoy of clunkers. American troops are engaged in two wars, in two gigantic sand piles and our government wants to send sixty eight thousand more troops over there.

The South American drug cartels are sending more and more drugs across the mexican border. They are pouring drugs into our country by the ton. I think those sixty eight thousand troops would be of more use to the American people, if our government lined them up along the Mexican border with orders to shoot on sight, anyone bringing drugs into our country. I know this sounds harsh, but the drug lords are killing anyone who stands in their way. I believe it was a wise old Indian who said, “What goes around comes around.”

Then I learned on the news that our government has a deficit of over nine trillion dollars and it is getting bigger everyday. Now they want to help this debt by not giving us social security recipients our cost of living raise for the next two years. Leave it to our government to take away from the elderly and disabled first.

What has the president been doing while all this is going on? He has been selling insurance and automobiles. He has not been doing too well with the insurance, but he will certainly go into the history books for selling more automobiles than anyone on earth. He not only gave GM millions of dollars to stay in business, he became their salesman.

Car dealers all over the United States participated in Obama’s Cash for Clunkers scheme. Most of them have not seen any reinbursment, so they are in a panic to get their money. They want reimbursed before a bunch of these cars they have sold are repossessed. The dealers know that most folks who drive clunkers are driving them for one reason: they cannot afford a new car payment. We will have to wait a few days to see what Obama does next.

After six months of giving away money, selling insurance and cars, he was just exhausted so he had to take a ten day vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. I think I’ll wait six months before watching any more world news, because I am also exhausted from just one weekend from it.

I wonder if Obama would let me come to Martha’s Vineyard for a few days? We could have a couple of beers and discuss the world as a hole (I mean whole). We might even come up with a solution for the price of eggs in China, anything is possible.