Pushback from the community caused a quick reversal of a decision to eliminate email service by Columbus Telephone Company.

Earlier this week Columbus Telephone had sent out letters to customers explaining why they would be discontinuing the service as of July 1. Within a day the company had reversed that position.

“We misjudged the importance (of the service),” Nick Saporito, Columbus Telephone marketing, said. “Internally we looked at the number of active email accounts which has dropped two thirds in the last 12 months. We wrongly assumed the significance of our email was not that great. But we’re here to serve our customers and if that’s what they want we’ll provide it.

“Those that still rely on it deeply rely on it, so now we will be looking for a new outside email host, a more reliable one.”

Saporito said there were several reasons behind the original decision.

“We have an outside provider that hosts our email,” he said. “As our customers have been aware of, we haven’t seen real reliable service from them the last few months.

“We could call and complain but nothing changes. It was becoming substandard service.”

Saporito also said the service had not been “terribly friendly with mobile devices.” Additionally, he said, many of the new Windows 7 PCs are not shipping with email clients installed which is a requirement to use the current email system.

Saporito said the company tries to be responsive to customer needs.

“Our customers seem to speak up,” he said.

Saporito said customers should have started receiving letters detailing the reversal in the mail yesterday.