BAXTER SPRINGS - The City of Baxter Springs will be purchasing a new snow plow to help keep the roadways clear of snow this winter.

The council approved a budget of $6,400 for the purchase of the plow. The company the snow plow will come from is located in Canada. The council also approved the purchase of a new police car to replace the one which was wrecked.

DeAnn Hill, representing the Baxter Springs Country Club, was in attendance to discuss the current water rate the country club is currently paying. The club is looking to have a rate they can afford. The current rate is $6.32 per 1,000 gallons. The goal of the club is to be totally self sufficient on water and to use the city water as an emergency backup.

The city will cover the cost of the water pump which was lost during a power surge back in December. The estimated cost of the pew pump will be between $24,436 and $25,736 and will be done by Lane Christenson.

The city clerk will be attending a human resources law seminar in Pittsburg at a later date. The council approved the clerk's attendance and approved to pay the $150 cost of the ticket plus mileage and cost of lunch.

The council also approved the Appropriation Ordinance #3243 in the amounts of $166,275.12 (Accounts Payable) and $48,504.04 (Payroll) for a total of $214,779.16