Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

I read an interesting statistic the other day. It would seem something like 45 percent of the new jobs which have been created over the last few years have been generated in Texas.

While itís not true that everything is bigger in Texas (Iíve seen the deer down there and theyíre about the size of a big jackrabbit) it is interesting that while nearly every other state is seeing job losses, Texas is growing.


Well, there are several factors. One big one is the lack of an income tax. Texas has none. Granted their sales taxes are a bit higher.

But the lack of a personal and corporate income tax makes the state very attractive to business.

Moreover, Texas has a legislature which is pro-business ó and which only meets every other year, for just a few weeks. Itís particularly difficult to pass a lot of burdensome regulation when you only meet every two years.

Thereís a lesson here, for those who wish to learn it, and which both the Kansas Legislature and federal lawmakers need to learn.

When you burden business and people with heavy taxes and regulation, it stifles business. This recession is beginning to look a lot like a depression, many of the indicators are as bad or worse than the Great Depression, and yet we continue to talk about tax increases and spending more and more money.

Most of the so-called budget cuts Republicans talk about are actually no more than a decrease in the rate of increase. Confusing I know, but what most of them are talking about is not spending less, just not increasing spending as much as the Democrats and liberals in their own midst would like.

The policies politicians on both sides of the aisle are pursuing are not conducive to job growth, but rather detrimental to it.

Oklahoma is already starting to phase out their income tax which is a smart move.

Every state which does sees an increase in jobs, and a concomitant increase in state revenues because people with more of their own money tend to spend it.

Itís something the Kansas Legislature needs to look at.

The lower regulatory issues are something everyone really needs to take a close look at.

Businesses will locate where they can find workers and where it is the least expensive to operate.

Right now, thatís Texas. It could be the entire nation if Congress and legislatures would take a look around.

American workers remain the most productive in the world. We work longer and harder than any other nation. The 40-hour work week is pretty much a myth for most Americans who work 50 to 60 hours on average.

We need to get government off the back of American business and American workers. Texas proves if you do that one little thing, America will begin to return to her former greatness.

The Democrats and the media elites would have you believe America has entered an inevitable and necessary decline. None of this is true.

All we have to do is turn Americans loose, theyíll get the job done, theyíll get us out of this recession and blow the doors off of the economy in the process.

(Patrick Richardson is the managing editor of the Columbus Advocate and the Baxter Springs News. He can be emailed at