Barring rain in the next 10 days the area soybean crop is in deep trouble, making the third bad crop for the area this year.

Cherokee County K-State Agriculture Extension Agent Dennis Elbrader said in his latest crop report he said 20 percent of the county crop was very poor, 40 percent poor, 20 percent fair and 20 percent good.

"I would rate 60 percent of the crop poor to very poor right now," he said.

If the forecast rain comes in later this week, he said, there's still a chance for average yields for area producers, but not much more than average.

"We're not too late for the after-wheat beans," he said. "I was in some after wheat beans (Monday) morning that had some pods on them, so if we get some rain, as forecasted, then we could see an average crop this year. I don't see the soybeans yielding like we've had in the past couple of years."

He said the window for the crop to turn around has narrowed to about 10 days.

"I would hesitate to recommend turning a soybean grain crop into a soybean forage crop yet," Elbrader said. "If we don't get rain in the next 10 days then I would probably make that recommendation."

The National Weather Service in Springfield, Mo., is forecasting chances for rain later this week, but said the best chances will be early to mid week next week.

"There's a couple of cold fronts coming through this week," NWS Meteorologist Andy Boxell said. He said the one expected last night would probably be a dry front, but the second front coming through today would probably bring with it widespread showers - but said they would likely be very light.

"We're in a little bit of a feed-back cycle right now," he said. "When these cold fronts come through they need moisture to make rain and one of the major sources of that is the ground.

"With it being so dry at the surface there's not much moisture for the front and it kind of feeds back on itself."

Boxell said the models right now are showing a chance for significant rain next week.