A new water plant is in the future for Cherokee County.

Samantha Dillon, an engineer with Professional Engineering Consultants, of Wichita, came to the Cherokee County Commission meeting Monday seeking approval for new water lines needed for Wholesale Water District 19 to cross county roads.

Dillon said the pipes will be between 4 and 12 inches and will be encased inside another pipe underneath the roads. She said they have already done a geotechnical investigation and are now working on the next few steps.

Dillon said they should have all plans taken done by the end of May, will be advertising for bids in July, taking bids in September and should have a notice to proceed by November.

She said it will be a nearly $12.2 million project and could be up and running by 2014.

Dillon said when the plant is built it will be running at about half capacity and will have room for expansion.

Dillon said the plant could eventually give water to all of Columbus.

County Auditor Gene Mense presented a projection of cash flow for 2011 to the commission. He said the projection is a combination of budgeted line items, what money has already come into play, and the history of what has been spent before.

He also said he may be over inflating some of the expenditures. He said some expenses which might be shown as over budget in the projection may not be over budget later. He said if the county keeps spending conservatively, as it has been, then the it will probably not be over budget at the end of the year.

Another set of projection numbers will be gathered in July by Mense.

The commission approved appointing Dana Lynch to the Southeast Kansas Regional Juvenile Detention Center committee.

Mac Young, court services, presented a comprehensive budget plan for 2012 to the commission to be approved. He said the budget plan looks about the same as last year.

He said they did have 11 percent decreased budget, current allocation, and actual operations budget. He said the decrease equaled about $52,000. Young said once the budget is implemented though, it may only be a five to seven percent decrease.

He said he must have signatures from three counties including Cherokee County before the plan can be finalized and then copies will be sent out each of the county commissions.

The amount of rain in the area has been proving to be a problem for residents of the county. Bill Richards told the council about a problem of flooding in his yard and now his house in East Town on Maple Street.

He said the rain water canít get past certain properties to the drainage ditch and instead is draining into his backyard and now into the bottom of his house.