COLUMBUS — Columbus Superintendent of Schools David Carriger gave a legislative update highlighting the Governor’s finance proposal, a more stringent bullying policy, KPERS funding issues, and the maximum allowances for contingency reserve year-end balances at the March school board meeting.

It was the consensus of the board to prioritize two goals to work on from the list of board goals previously determined. The two goals the board will prioritize at this time are: Educating the community on facility needs and continuing to modify and improve the district curriculum.

Interim Columbus Unified Highschool Principal Tony Shearburn addressed a request from a patron to initiate a cross-country athletic program at CUHS. Eleven high school students indicated interest in the program for next year. The board requested the administration visit with USD 247 regarding the estimated increase in participants under the cooperating agreement for cross-country next year.

Board member John Lopp presented a request from the City of Scammon to be allowed to leave the playground equipment on the property of the closed Scammon Elementary School until after the sale. The consensus of the board was to allow the request. Carriger visited with Delbert Rowden, auctioneer, regarding fees for an auction. The auctioneer proceeds on the building would be six percent of the bid on the building and fifteen percent on miscellaneous obsolete items. Advertising costs would be the responsibility of the District. It was the consensus of the board to make plans for the auction the first part of June.

Carriger reported on preliminary plan changes to the enrollment process and textbook rental fees. School principals made presentations to the board regarding scheduling, Multi-Tier Support Systems (MTSS), and development of courses for next school year.

The board voted to accept the following resignations:

• Mick Tedlock as CUHS Assistant Baseball Coach.

• Greggory Kai Adams as Central School Custodian.

The board voted to hire the following:

• Aaron Rider as CUHS Assistant Baseball Coach

• Scott Sullivan as Central School Custodian.

The board also voted to post a third coaching position for baseball and softball.