Former Cherokee County Attorney  Michael Goodrich is now residing in the Federal penitentiary in Marion, Ill. After pleading guilty to extorting money and favors from an adult club  Goodrich, 48, arrived Tuesday at the facility to serve his sentence.

Federal Judge Monti Belot , in January, sentenced Goodrich to a year and a day in prison after the Baxter Springs resident pleaded guilty to one count of felony extortion.

The year and a day sentence allows Goodrich to have time off for good behavior so he could serve as little as 311 days. Had the sentence been one-year he would have served the full 365 days.

"I am looking at it as 34 week-ends before I will be back with my family," said Goodrich before leaving for the prison. "I have a great family and I could not have gotten through this without their support."

The Marion,. Ill. prison, located in deep southern Illinois was built to house the prisoners from Alcatraz island. From the mid 1930's until March 23, 1963, Alcatraz was America's premier maximum-security prison, and the final stop for the nation's most incorrigible inmates.

The Marion facility has a small camp outside the maximum security prison to house convicted federal prisoners who have been law enforcement officers or elected officials.

Prosecutors said the value of the favors Goodrich received was estimated at less than $5,000.