COLUMBUS -- There were a total of 331 provisional ballots cast in Cherokee County in last Tuesday's election -- 81 of them in Baxter Springs and the Spring Valley-Spring Valley township where a recall was underway on three of the so-called "Council Six" who have been in a dispute with Baxter Springs Mayor Jenifer Bingham since April.

In the preliminary results on election night it appeared Councilman Ron Costlow would be recalled and removed from office.

Councilmen Ed McAfee and Gary Allen both escaped recall. On election night Costlow was defeated 179-149, Allen was saved 297 to 282 and McAfee 132-111 against recall. After counting the provisional ballots Monday there was little change in the vote totals and none in the outcome.

For Allen the final result was 289 for recall and 306 against. McAfee was 115 for recall 132 against and Costlow was 183 for recall 153 against.

There were no substantive changes in any other races.

Total numbers for the county were 7,207 votes cast on election day, 818 advance, 474 early voters as well as the 175 provisionals which were deemed to count.

Provisional ballots are cast when a voter has moved but not changed their registration, does not present identification, is not registered to vote or is not registered in the state of Kansas.

The county commission is required to determine if the ballots should count or not.