Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

A citizen of Columbus voiced his concern to the Columbus City Council Monday night about raw sewage backing up into a house he owns when it rains.

Clinton Hudson said he started having a problem with this about a year ago when some very heavy rains came through the area.

He said the storm drain water had gotten into the system and backed up about six inches of raw sewage into the basement. He said the problem happened again about two weeks ago when it rained again.

He said his daughter and son-in-law currently live there with their children. He said he told them to put caps over the floor drains in the basement in hopes that it would keep the sewage from overflowing, but the pressure was so high it blew the caps off.

City Superintendent Jim Burton said they had checked into the problem when it happened a year ago and when it happened two weeks ago. He said they went out and checked their system and the system was full and the manholes were full. Burton said they are not sure why it the sewage keeps backing up now and why it did not back up before. He said they have sent a camera in to check the lines and jet rodded the lines and there does not seem to be a problem. The council decided to have the problem further investigated by Burton and the water and sewer committee to see if the problems can be resolved.

Christina Main asked the council to take a request for more parking spaces and to have the current parking lot at the hospitality center back to the budget and finance committee and see if one or both requests could be met.

City Treasurer Doug Mogle told the council he is ready to publish the 2010 end of the year statement in the paper.

Burton said all of the electric in the old bath house has been disconnected. He said they are currently taking down the old conduit and there are exposed wires, so for safety reasons they turned off the electricity. Burton also told the council that the practice wall inside the tennis court had to be taken down after strong winds broke some of the supports.

Burton told the council that the contract with PEC on the bridge project would have to be delayed because of issues with financing. The county believes the money given to the city for the projects came out of their bridge funds and the city would have to reimburse them when the projects were finished. The city believed the money was not meant to be payed back and is currently working out the issues with the county.

Burton also told the council the city had an extension until June to get the Columbus welcome signs repainted and sealed, he just needed to know what the council wanted the signs to look like.

City Clerk Janice Blancett asked for the members of the council to bring back their ordinance books since it was the last meeting for some of the members. She told them the books would be re-issued if they needed to be.

Fire Chief Brad Gleason said the fire department has answered 15 calls since the last meeting and 134 calls to date.

In other business, the council:

• Approved putting capital project for GIS mapping for water and sewer lines in the 2012 budget.

• Approved a putting a new truck in the 2012 budget.

• Approved waiting until the next city council meeting to approve contracts for pool managers for the 2011 season.

• Approved hiring Kelly Wells as the special project clerk at $7.28 an hour.

• Approved updating ordinance books for the city because it has been a while since it’s been done. Blanchett will be looking into the cost of updating the books.

• Approved the transfer of $2,000 from the transient fund to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce for the fireworks display.

• Approved the use of the industrial park by the chamber for the Columbus Day Air Balloon Regatta.

• Approved a cereal malt beverage license for Steven Burton for Outback Archery and Tackle.