Bryan D. Beavers, speeding, guilty plea, fine $138.50

Nathan D. Brundige, speeding, no liability insurance, guilty pleas, fines $534.50

Randy J. Chazell, seatbelt, guilty plea, $5

Shawna J. Deardeuff, seatbelt, guilty plea, $5

Deedra D. Doherty, seatbelt, guilty plea, $5

Teresa M. Farrow, failure to yield, guilty plea, $168.50

Jacqueline A. Gaffigan, DUI 1st conviction, (DUI only) deferred adjudication, fine $748.50

Charles Gatewood, seatbelt, guilty plea, fine $5

Troy D. Judy, seatbelt, guilty plea, fine $5

Birdsall D. Keeton, seatbelt, guilty plea, fine $5

Susan B. Knaup, speeding, guilty plea, fine $198.50

Tamara Lloyd, seatbelt, guilty plea, $5

Devante K. Mccoy, speeding, guilty plea, $138.50

Edward E. Meister, speeding, guilty plea, $138.50

Jason T. Pearson, driving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked, report accident involving damage to vehicle or property; proof of insurance, fail to give notice of injury accident, no registration, bench trial-guilty verdict, fines $93.50

Curtis Ricke, criminal hunting, guilty plea, $355.50

James E. Rohrbaugh, speeding, guilty plea, $138.50

Robert Simoncic, seatbelt, guilty plea $5

Matthew E. Spurgeon, domestic battery, guilty plea, fine $215.50

Jessica Trevino, official traffic control devices; required obedience, guilty plea, fine $168.50

Heath W. Walton, seatbelt, guilty plea, fine $5