Stefanie Cope

Staff Writer

Prom season is upon us and the memories are fond.

I had the pleasure of covering a prom walk-in for the paper and as I watched the young ladies and gentlemen walk in in their beautiful gowns and tuxedos I got to thinking about my own experiences with prom and the fun I had when I attended.

I can recall my junior prom and all the joy it brought. I remember my beautiful pink gown and my friends with whom I went. I had the pleasure of taking a very good friend of mine as my date. Billy, or ďLittle BillĒ as we called him, and how I was so glad I had decided to take a good friend. We had an absolute blast. My senior prom was much the same, I took my boyfriend of the time, and had dinner before hand with a huge group of friends which was fantastic.

I got to thinking about these memories as I watched the couples come in and took their pictures. Remembering the fun, the dancing, the dinner, the dress, and everything else.

Iím sure many people remember their proms with fondness. I always remember my grandmother telling me about her prom, showing me the dress her mother had made her, and her recalling the time with such excitement. I do hope everyone has the ability to recall their prom with the glow I can see in my grandmotherís eyes when she talks about hers.

It always amazed me some of the things she talked about with hers and how different it was from mine. Some traditions still hold strong, but one thing about her prom that differed from mine that always amazed me was how she told me they had dinner at the dance. She said the underclassmen cooked the dinner for the older students. I think that is a tradition which would be neat to bring back into the mix of things these days. Not that I didnít have fun going out to dinner and having that experience, but I always thought that was a neat addition to the prom experience.

Itís kind of a wonder to me the amount of money which goes into prom these days. I read stories and hear about girls spending hundreds of dollars on gowns, limos, dinner and other accessories. Itís almost like a wedding the amount of money that goes into prom now, but I suppose if it builds those happy memories then itís probably an all right thing.

I can hope now my sister has the experiences and fun I had at my prom and my mother had at hers. I can not wait to be able to take pictures of her in her amazing gown and see how beautiful she is. I want her to have all of the fun experiences that I did. Prom really is an amazing thing and Iím glad that I got to experience a small part of it again and relive some great memories of my high school experience.

(Stefanie Cope is a staff writer for the Columbus Advocate. She can be emailed at