COLUMBUS — The Columbus City Council voted to condemn the old video mart at 201 E. Maple at Monday night’s meeting.

The building which suffered a fire several years ago and had the roof ripped off in a windstorm has sat empty for several years. Police Chief Chuck Sharp said the building is a hazard as bricks are falling off the facade.

Owner Harold Monroe said he had planned to do repairs in March but had two other buildings on the property he intended to tear down first and insisted the structure of the building was sound.

The council voted to condemn the building and gave him 30 days to do masonry work to insure the building was safe.

Monroe said he would have the work done.

City Superintendent Jim Burton said a preconstruction meeting for construction work at the sewer lagoon project was slated for Tuesday.

He also reported about half the manholes had been mapped as part of the sewer mapping project and the equipment had been ordered for the replacement of the downtown traffic lights.

The council also voted to hire Rick Moore, Clay Andersen and David Ellison as laborers.