Patrick Richardson

Managing Editor

A world famous chef found his way to Cherokee County late last year as part of a television show.

Anthony Bourdain, chef and star of the Travel Channel‘s “No Reservations,” was in the area to film an episode about duck hunting in the Ozarks. While here he stayed at Claythorne Lodge and cooked duck for the area hunters he was with.

Frieda Lancaster, who owns the nationally-renowned shooting and hunting lodge along with her husband Sam, said they were impressed with Bourdain.

“He was just a normal everyday guy,” Freida Lancaster said. “He wasn‘t full of himself.”

The show features Bourdain in out-of-the-way places all over the world eating local cuisine and occasionally cooking.

Lancaster said he came to this area after being invited by Alan Albright, who is a hunter from the Joplin area and is related to a member of the production crew.

In the episode, which first aired Monday night, Lancaster said Bourdain went hunting with two local hunters on Spring River, and then, after being informed they didn‘t actually like duck, came back to Claythorne to show them how to prepare it.

“They were going to hunt here by the pits,” Lancaster said. “But they were frozen over so they went over by Spring River.”

She said the cast and crew loved Claythorne and enjoyed their stay.

“They loved it here,” she said. “They were really impressed by Claythorne, they were photographing everything.”

She said she and her husband were excited to have the crews at their resort.

“Sam and I are such fans of his show, it was exciting to have him come here,” she said. “I was just thrilled.

“We‘re just a small part of the show, but it turned out perfect.”

The episode, which first aired Monday night at 7 p.m. will be shown again 7 p.m. Sunday evening.