Weir Elementary School P.T.O. is hosting a Kiss A Pig contest. This is fundraiser is to purchase a tire swing for our playground. Most of our faculty & staff are participating in this fun event. It is a penny per vote. The winner will kiss a live pig on Fun Day on May 11.

The faculty/staff are “encouraging” the students to put money in everyone else’s jars. Our students are having a great time watching the jars to see who is getting the most votes. One class is even planning a bake sale to raise money.

If you would like to contribute to the FUN and support our cause, please contact a faculty/staff member, student, parent or the school office. (Please specify who you would like to donate to.)

Incase you would like to list the names of participants for Weir Elementary Kiss A Pig:


Tammie Hall

Meagan Godfrey

Amy Huebner

Connie Burns

Carla Lewis

Ronda Coltrane

Dawn Wells

Cyndee Martin

Marta Ward

Jennifer Lynch

Ann Thomson (Cook)

Amanda Mitchell

David Dainty

Whitney McCready

Paula Dey

Emily Sullivan

Rose Marie Wydick

Tara Stewart

Angie Burger

Kathy Spahn

Stephanie Smith

Pam Friemel