COLUMBUS — William “Billy” Barber, of Baxter Springs, who was earlier this year convicted of shaking his infant daughter so severely the girl has been left with brain damage and other permanent disabilities has been sentenced to 13-and-a-half years in prison.

Barber had been charged in 2008 with child abuse and aggravated battery. Barber was convicted of shaking his then-two-month old daughter so badly she was left severely brain damaged. The girl, who is now three, remains in foster care and is severely disabled and cannot stand.

 “The quality of life of this child is horrible,” Assistant Attorney General Christine Ladner, who prosecuted the case said at the time. “This case is three years old.

Barber was taken into custody following his conviction on Feb. 18 of this year.

District Judge Oliver Kent Lynch granted a motion for an upward sentencing departure by Ladner on the aggravated battery charge which normally carries a six-year sentence.