The Kansas Association of Professional Insurance Agents kicked off their 15-year anniversary of service to Kansas with a reception hosted by KPIA President Bob Shields, CPIA, Oswego, and the KPIA Board, at the Dillon house in Topeka.

The reception attendance included 26 members of the Kansas Legislature and the Kansas Department of Insurance.   Agents from throughout Kansas participated in the event.  KPIA represents professional independent insurance agents and their employees through out Kansas.

Shields later lead a Kansas delegation to Washington DC for the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents' Day on the Hill for meetings with Kansas' Federal Legislators the first week of April.  

Shields was accompanied by KPIA Vice President Sue Peachey of Pratt, National Director John Crain of Fort Scott, Board Member Chuck Simpson of Kansas City; and Board Member Morris Greenwood of Junction City.    The event was a great success with face to face meetings with Senator Sam Brownback, Rep Dennis Moore, Rep Todd Tiahrt and Rep Lynn Jenkins.   Senator Pat Roberts and Rep Jerry Moran made their staffs available for meetings.

Issues included support for the National Flood Insurance Program, support for the State Regulation of Insurance and support for a coordinated natural disaster catastrophe program.  The PIA supports multi-year authorization of NFIP by Congress so it may continue to provide important services to people and places affected by flood.   The PIA supports the existing system of State based insurance regulation and opposes preemption by a Federal insurance regulator, whether optional or mandatory.   PIA supports a coordinated natural disaster catastrophe program that covers commercial and residential property and does not compete with the private sector's capacity to provide insurance.

Shields found that all the legislators took a great deal of interest in the map PIA provided showing the Presidential Disaster Declarations since January 2000.  The map, a FEMA illustration, shows 32 disaster declarations in our region, including Kansas.   The Kansas PIA delegates were well received by their Kansas' U.S. Legislators.     Shields was able to witness a few moments of the confirmation hearing of HHS nominee Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, formerly our Kansas Insurance Commissioner..  

The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, PIA, is a national trade association representing professional independent insurance agents and their employees through out the United States.

Shields has been an elected KPIA Board Member and officer since 1997. He was selected and honored as The Kansas Insurance Agent of the Year by the KPIA in 2003.   Shields, a licensed insurance agent since 1978, holds the designation of Certified Professional Insurance Agent.   He owns and operates Shields Insurance LLC of Oswego.  Shields and his wife Linda make their home in Oswego.