Columbus has had a benefactor donate the cost of the 4th of July fireworks show for the past several years. For 2010, that is now a percentage share.

Jean Pritchett, Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce has helped promote “An Old Fashioned 4th of July” for several years at the city park.

“An anonymous donor gave us $10,000 annually,” said Pritchett. “We were able to make early purchases of the fireworks package, resulting in Columbus actually getting almost $14,000 worth of large scale fireworks for our event.”

This year the donor has asked Columbus residents to come up with 67 percent of the cost of the fireworks, before he pays the remaining 33 percent.

“We need to raise $6,700,” Pritchett said. “Then the donor will provide the remaining $3,300 for the $10,000 purchase.”

Pittsburg went through a similar situation several years ago.

“They were able to surpass their goal,” said Pritchett. “If we do that in Columbus, then any overage will go towards the following year.”

Pritchett has no plans to contact city businesses to cover the costs. She feels the city residents should chip in and come up with the amount.

“Our businesses are hit up enough,” she said. “This should be covered by individuals.”

“We need this by May or we are just going to have to discontinue the fireworks show,” she said.