BAXTER SPRINGS — A debate over whether a beer garden should be allowed at the rodeo last weekend broke out again when the motion was brought before the Baxter Springs City Council once again Tuesday.

Charlene Hunley and Richard Barrett once more brought the request for a cereal malt beverage license for a beer garden to the council after having the motion fail at the July 26 council meeting. The vote then was three to three and with Mayor Jennifer Bingham absent from the meeting and unable to break the tie the motion failed.

Ron Steele moved to approve the license request for the beer garden and debate among members of the council broke out as they discussed whether or not the beer garden was a good idea.

Members of the council questioned whether this was a liability the city wanted to take on. City Attorney Robert Myers told the council the liability risk would be slightly higher if they approved serving alcohol at the rodeo and someone was injured as opposed to if someone had brought their own alcohol and was injured.

The motion failed 4-3.

Additionally at the council meeting Marla Larison came before the council to ask for a resolution in support of the Route 66 Scenic Byway.

Myers told Larison the council would have to read through the resolution twice before it could be passed because there is no emergency status on the byway paperwork. Myers said the resolution would pass at the next council meeting.

Additionally a street in front of Lincoln Elementary School is also causing an uproar among some citizens of Baxter Springs.

Linda Booth came before the council to voice her concerns over the street now being one-way. She said she feels like the residents of the neighborhood should have been asked about making the street one-way before the council approved the decision.

Council members told Booth the decision was made for the safety of parents and children going to and from school. They also told Booth the street must be marked for everyone to understand and to make it a temporary one way zone would be more work for the city. The council apologized to Booth for not making more attempts to contact the residents, but had decided it was best for the city to make the street one-way.

In other business, the council:

• Approved hiring Mike Potter as part-time dispatcher at the Baxter Springs Police Department.

• Approved sending Rodney Edmondson to the annual Kansas Association for Court Management conference on September 29 and 30.

• Discussed possible changes to the recruiting and hiring policy for the city.

• Discussed the money saved by the city on the work done to the streets by Lincoln school including black top work, culverts, concrete, rock, sand, and posts.

• Appointed Kyle Wade and Justin Metcalf to the Baxter Springs Fire Department. Wade was formerly a reservist.

• Approved a budget work session for 6:30 p.m. August 16.