GALENA — The regular meeting of the Galena city council was held Monday October 15th with all members present along with Mayor Dale Oglesby, city clerk Flora R. Charles, city superintendent Gerald Richey, and chief of police Larry Delmont.

Hawk Engineering along with MARS Pet Care has agreed to donate time and volunteer labor to build animal staging kennels with five running areas.

Chief of Police Delmont who announced the kennel project said “we have had 120 animals so far this year”, which are taken to Joplin, “at $37.00 a pop”. The plan is not intended to have an animal shelter at this time explained Chief Delmont, but to have an area where animals can be held. “Hopefully claimed by their owners”. By holding the animals, one travel trip can be made with numerous animals.

The staging kennels will be built west of the fire station. Galena city is to provide a water line and will need to level the land once the volunteers clean the site. Work is scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks.

Sandy Erbe from SEK-RPC addressed the council. Mrs. Erbe announced that the first phase grant to “upgrade the downtown is complete, all grant money has been used, and we need to close out the phase”. A vote of 7-0 approved this measure.

Mrs. Erbe then talked about Phase II which will address upgrading the area of Fourth Street to Front Street and Seventh Street to Elm Street. The “upgrades will be basically the same as downtown”, she continued “I have put in for $400,000”. The council with a 7-0 vote authorized Mayor Oglesby to sign the grant application and agreed to match the grant for a total of $800,000.

Resident Teddi Oglesby who volunteered on the recent Mother Road Route 66 Marathon relayed some of the impressions of the runners and their support personnel. “They commented on how beautiful the downtown looked. The biggest comment was that they especially enjoyed the music from the speakers as they ran”.

Mayor Oglesby announced that the new left station is installed and operational. He then suggested for the use of the lift station that they buy a used Caterpillar 150 KW generator which includes a 12X30 building to house the generator. The motion passed 7-0 to buy the generator/building from Brian Jordan.

The council held the 2013 budget hearing. No questions were raised from the public audience.

Also on the agenda was the 7-0 approval of appropriations 12-11 for the amount of $37,918.91. Elizabeth Lake addressed the council on her overdue water bill.