“There are nine points in the Cherokee County Environmental Protection program,” Carl Hayes told the county Commissioners Monday afternoon. “Those are the same nine points we have had since the program was written. Each year we try to show our progress on each of the points.

Hayes said he tries to talk to the commissioners on a quarterly basis about where the program has been improved and where it has not.

The nine points include six water projects, a solid waste project, hazardous waste management and non-point source pollution.

The water projects drew the most interest from the commissioners.

Commissioner Pat Collins asked if the conservation of water was a big concern.

“We would like to make sure it is handled properly,” said Hayes “The additional water supply needs to be in place before our aquifer gets depleted. Cherokee County is on the very edge of the aquifer and that is where the water would be at its worst quality. There is a salt brine are along the edge of the aquifer, which would be unusable for drinking.”

“Perhaps we can instill conserving water in our young people the same way we have been successful in getting them to wear seatbelts in their cars,” said Commissioner Collins during the discussion with Hayes.