The Cherokee County Commissioners met Monday morning and tackled the placement of 10 new storm sirens.

The new sirens will be placed at the Travel Plaza, Riverton Fire Station, Lowell, Neutral, Crestline, Church Camp at NE 10th HWY, Faulkner, Hallowell, Sherman City and Melrose. The Melrose Siren may be placed in a different location since there is an existing siren already in Melrose. With the placement of the new storm sirens the surrounding communities should all be covered.

The total grant for the new storm sirens was $203,000.00 which will be a 75 / 25 split with the county paying $63,511 which will be financed through Labette County Bank for three years at 2.98 percent.

"I am not excited about the cost of the sirens but because of where we live they are a necessity. If a new storm siren saves 1 life then it will be worth it." said Commissioner Richard Hilderbrand.

Commissioner Jack Garner added "You can't put a dollar amount on a persons life."

The new sirens will be a two-way reporting siren that will run a quiet self test daily. If there is a problem during the self test a message will be sent to a predetermined list of individuals letting them know what the problem is so that the problem can be fixed.

Also on the agenda was the discussion of the grant that was applied for on the purchase of new Ambulances for Baxter Springs, Columbus and Galena. The Columbus and Galena grant was approved but Baxter Springs missed out by 7 tenths of a percent. The grant is for $206,000.