December sales tax collection were $2,000 over projections, allowing Cherokee County to finish the year on-budget.

The county sales tax figures for December were $145,015.15 according to Cherokee County Treasurer Juanita Hodgson on Monday at the courthouse.

“Our auditor projected county general fund sales tax figures of $94,000 as our ending December totals,” Hodgson said. “We got $96,676. This is very good news.”

The commissioners said they were glad to hear the results.

“This was a good Christmas present,” District Two Commissioner Jack Garner said.

The county also accepted a bid for worker‘s compensation insurance.

Garner moved that the county accept Ryan Insurance‘s bid for the county’s workers compensation. It died for lack of second.

Commission Chairman Richard Hilderbrand moved the county accept the bid from Kansas Workers Compensation Pool Insurance, KWORKS.

District One Commissioner Pat Collins seconded the motion and it carried, 2-1.

“I felt the many versions and proposals from (Ryan Insurance) weren’t the best way to go,” Hilderbrand said. “The third version wasn’t as complete as I would like to have seen.”

Ryan Insurance‘s bid was actually lower than KWORKS. Garner felt stronger about the final proposal from Ryan and said so.

“It was a good one in my opinion,” he said. “Ray (Ryan) can come back next year and try again.”

Collins described past county difficulties getting any company to bid on the insurance.

“Years ago no one would write the county general liability for our deputy vehicles,” he said. “Our deputies were required to provide their own patrol cars. They were able to individually obtain liability from Farm Bureau. It was the only way to get the insurance.”

The commission turned in a illegal dump location to the county road and bridge department on 110th and Messer Road.

“We get these every day now,” Road and Bridge Supervisor Leonard Vanatta said. “People dump tires in our ditches real bad.”

The county has to use taxpayer money to clean up the dump locations and pay for the tire disposal.

“We keep a crew busy picking up trash,” Vanatta said. “When the county closed the free dumpsters, our trash dump volume increased accordingly.”

In other business the commission:

• Heard from Beckie Vorhee, Grant Administrator for the Kansas Regional Planning Commission, who requested signatures from the commissioners for completion of the Cherokee County Family Life Center in Riverton.

“This will close out our state grant funding,” she said.

The Family Life Center received $497,000 in funding from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, (ARRA), for completion of their wellness center. The building cost a total of 1.6 million and was sponsored by federal and state monies through Housing and Urban Development as well as ARRA.

• Met with members of the Cherokee County Extension Council met with the commission to request permission to use ceiling tile at the courthouse for ceiling repairs at the extension office.

“We’ve talked to County Maintenance Engineer Ralph (Houser) about using the tiles,” said Extension Council Member Angie Rippel. “We want to ask you about this as well.”

The commissioners gave permission and asked if there was anything else the extension building needed.

“We have some issues with the florescent lights,” Extension Council Member Rebecca Brassart said. “It’s probably the ballasts.”

The extension council representatives agreed to get bids on the lighting repair.

The commission will meet again, 9 a.m. Monday in the courthouse.