BAXTER SPRINGS Long-time Baxter Springs City Councilman Ron Steele resigned at Tuesday night's Baxter Springs City Council meeting.

"I do appreciate everything the city has done for me, and hopefully everything I have done for the city," Steele said at the end of the meeting after giving his resignation. "This has been my adopted town since 1974 and I care for it a lot."

Steele then went on to suggest that former city councilman Stan Pickering should be appointed to fill out the remaining portion of his term.

Councilman Mike Kaufman went on to move to appoint Pickering. The motion was seconded by Councilman Robert St. Clair.

Mayor Jenifer Bingham, who has been at loggerheads with Kaufman, St. Clair, Steele and three other members of the council over mayoral powers since April, objected to the appointment of Pickering saying several people in that ward had approached her about serving and noting that Pickering has three times been appointed to fill vacancies on the council and three times failed of election in his own right.

Bingham said she felt the others who are interested should be given a chance.

It was a sentiment agreed with by Councilman Gary Allen, who is also a member of the so-called "Council Six" who attempted to strip Bingham of appointment powers earlier this year.

Allen asked that a list of names be brought to the next council meeting for vetting.

After some discussion Kaufman agreed to withdraw the motion and the matter will be taken up at the next council meeting.