Criminal Violations

Cindy McCoy, arrest, other termination.

Felicia Poindexter, arrest outstanding warrant, other termination.

Timothy M. Scarberry, driving while suspended, failure to appear.

Traffic Violations

Linda A. Culbertson, speeding, fines $186.

Andrea D. Gaither, child seats & seat belts, fines $146.

Marc K. Graves, improper stop/signal, fines $116.

Shanna A. Hopper, fail to yield, fines $146.

Jonathan A. Karriman, seatbelts, fines $60.

Rebecca L. Lassen, speeding, fines $116.

James E. Moore, follow too close, fines $146.

Domenic D. Mosley, seatbelts, fines $60.

Kyle M. Olsen, seatbelts, fines $30.

Jimmy D. Paugh, speeding, fines $116.

Rex R. Ransom, fail to yield, $146.

Anne M. Reid, speeding, fines $116.

Kelli Samson, child seats, fail to appear.

Timothy M. Scarberry, seatbelts, fail to appear.

Christina M. VanDorn, seatbelts, fines $30.

Aaron A. Ward, speeding, deferred adjudication.

Danielle M. Wright, speeding, $122.

Danielle M. Wright, child seats, $60.

Motor Carrier Violations

David A. Campbell, fines $186.

Scott J. Forbes,  fail to appear.

Jeremiah R. Marshall, fines $386.

Larry L. Patten, fines $186.

Johnny R. Walker, fail to appear.