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Lawrence Doyle Coons, age 93, passed away at a hospital in San Diego on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

Doyle, as he was known, was born in Iola, Kan. on October 24, 1918 to Zona Mable (Hall) Coons and Worthington Skinner Coons.

Doyle attended Columbus Union High School. Doyle worked in the A&P Grocery Store in Columbus with Jim Cooke. In 1940, Doyle came to San Diego, Calif. To build airplanes at Consolidated Aircraft (Convair). Upon arriving in San Diego, he sent for Lillian Virginia Shannon of Columbus, (Ben and Ella Shannon, parents) to come to San Diego so they could be married. They were married in Yuma, Ariz., (no waiting period) on February 11, 1940. Lillian died on January 17, 1996.

Doyle was a supervisor at Convair on the PBY aircraft line. PBY's were planes that were often used as Chief Financial Officer from John P. Scripps Newspapers in 1992.

Doyle and Lillian attended College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego. His sons Stephen and Richard both met their wives and got married in College Avenue Baptist Church.

Doyle also had one brother, Ernest Dale Coons. Doyle had many relatives in Kansas, Ardelle Coons, Dale's wife, still lives in Derby, Kan.

Current survivors of Doyle Coons are his sons, Stephen (San Diego, Calif.) and Richard (Athol, Idaho). Stephen has two sons, David and John; Richard has two sons, Mark and Jeffrey and a total of 12 great grandchildren, nine boys and three girls.

Doyle was buried on Friday, December 2, 2011, in a cemetery in San Diego, next to his wife of many years, Lillian Shannon Coons.