The Macksville Mustangs traveled to the Sterling Invitational last Thursday knowing that they would not be competing as a team. They needed to try and figure out who was going to be their top seven runners, so they ran most everyone in the freshmen/junior varsity Races. This gave the runners a chance to compete against each other for those team spots.

The meet had always been a pretty good meet, but this season there was several more teams there because they had their meet canceled on Tuesday. This made the meet that much more competitive.

In addition to more runners, the temperature dropped from 88 at the start of the meet to 55 right before the varsity girls race. The wind also went from coming out of the south to blowing from the north with gusts of around 25 to 30.

Once again Senior Emma Stimatze led the Mustangs with a ninth place finish in the varsity race with a new PR of 21:45. She ran a terrific race even though she was the only Mustang runner in the race.

Senior Diego Delgadillo set a new PR of 18:58 for 33rd place, Hector Negrete got 46th place, and Jarrod Kuckelman finished in 60th place in the boys varsity race.

The girls came home with a lot of medals from the junior varsity race. Sophomore Itzel Garcia won the JV race followed by junior Bethany Esparza in third, sophomore Lexi Wright in 6th and senior Katrina Waters was 7th.

Also finishing in 16th, 17th, and 19th were Mikeal Ann Loiland, Susie Penner, and Christine Garza.

In the freshmen race, medals went to Lydia Mendez came in 5th, Kiley Blevins was 6th in a new PR of 27:02, McKinley Hottovy in 7th, and Kaylee Hottovy was 9th in a new PR of 27:20. Then came Caren Holguin (15th) and Elena Kuckelman (16th). It was nice to get a chance to see them all run together.

Also in the medals was sophomore Andrew Cross who placed 5th in the junior varsity race while running a new PR in 19:40, and then we had two in the freshmen Race in Harley Blaske finishing in 6th with a new PR of 21:12 and Gabe Wolff coming across in 9th place.

Along with them, Brandon Ibarra, Jacob Suiter, Trey Britton, Darien Miller, and Pablo Rincon all had new PRs. Junior Willie Penner was our other runner that came across in 52nd place.

It was nice to still see so many PRs even though we have been working through these meets. It showed our runners that they can work through meets and still be able to compete well.

We will still work hard workouts yet this week looking toward our Regional Meet on Saturday (10-22-16). It is paying off, we just need to keep pushing ourselves and each other. We hope to work more on improving our confidence level, it is getting better each week.

Macksville High School Cross Country Team will now travel to the Coldwater Golf Course on Thursday for the South Central Cross Country Invitational which will also be our CPL League Meet. The meet will start at 4:00 with the junior varsity race with both girls and boys all running together followed by the girls varsity and the boys varsity.

There has been a change to the Class 2A Regional Championship that will be held at the Meade Golf Course on Saturday, Oct. 22. The varsity girls will now run at 11:00 followed by the varsity boys at 11:40.