We had 10 golfers total and that is why you may notice a Columbus and Columbus B, Head Coach Dan Grundy said. We played very well. Im very impressed with the attitude and work ethic of our young golfers. They want to get better everyday and continue to work hard. This is our first team gold in a very long time. (Do not know for sure how long) We also had 7 kids in the top 12.

Team Scores

1st Columbus 367

2nd Frontenac 377

3rd Colgan 402

4th Baxter Springs

5th Columbus B 415

6th Riverton 451

7th Girard 584

Individual places

1st Fron Colten Lamborn

2nd Fron Judd Belew

3rd Rive Tony Martin

4th Colu Derek Wilson

5th Colu AJ Wary

6th Baxt Drew Hill

7th Colu Zach Stover

8th Colu Nic Robison

9th Colu Dawson Soper

10th Colu Zach Kresyman

11th Colg Taylor Thomas

12th Colu Kevin Barker

13th Fron Mike Baddenhagen

14th Colg Joe Otter

Colg Jack Ebbert

16th Baxt Cody Haverfield

17th Colg Chris Bolinger

18th Colu Collin Torchia

19th Rive Steven Harris

20th Colu Scott Hale

21st Baxt Sarah Miles

Colg Ryan Russian

23rd Fron Garrett Tackett

24th Baxt Brice Reynolds

25th Fron Ethan Spurling

26th Baxt Karsten Creech

27th Fron Ethan Glor

28th Rive Brandon Smith

29th Colu Abe Murillo

30th Gira Kyle Bauder

31st Baxt Torbin Slavens

Rive Ethan Honeycutt

33rd Gira Garret Platt

34th Gira Kyle McGeorge

35th Gira Tommy Wright

36th Rive Chance Patterson