GALENA — Two properties acquired by the Galena City Council Monday will help to widen the road for a left-hand turn lane at the intersection of 7th and Main streets in Galena to help prevent accidents.

One property was donated to the city by Keith Mallat and the other property was bought from Jeff Pittman and liens on the property were paid off by the city.

$5,000 went to Pittman, $2,500 went to Mr. Vorhees at Joe’s Best, and $1,000 went to Ron Stockwell.

Both buildings are in disrepair and are not currently in use.

The council approved the acquisition of both buildings unanimously. The council also approved asking for bids to take both buildings down.

Additionally Mayor Dale Oglesby told the council he had received a call from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment stating an agreement was needed to continue taking soil from land owned by Eagle Pitcher for the landfill.

Eagle Pitcher had already agreed to let the city take soil from the land, but KDHE said it would be safer to have a Top Soil License Agreement between the city and Eagle Pitcher.

The council approved the agreement pending the approval of city attorney Kevin Cure.

Additionally the City Superintendent Jerry Richey told the council they were ready to lay pipe running from Oasis to the concrete plant and under the railroad tracks. The current lines in the area are only two inch pipes and they will be upgraded to six inch pipes.

The council approved purchasing 2,800 feet of 6 inch pipe from WaterProducts for $15,500 and approved laying pipe from the concrete plant to the railroad and from Oasis to the railroad and covering it and then waiting for the permits allowing them to bore under the railroad to finish the piping.

The council then approved an easement from Eagle Pitcher on utilities.

Richey also told the council some trees were taken out of Oak Hill cemetery, but the forestry donates trees, so he was going to get some new trees to place out in the cemeteries.

In other business, the council:

• Approved an ordinance attesting increase in tax revenue for Budget Year 2012.

• Approved sending Assistant City Clerk Florence Collins and City Office Assistant Renee Charles to training November 7 through 11. The class will cost $460 for each person plus $89 for a room and travel expenses. The motion was approved 3 - 2.

• Approved forwarding the code book to the League for printing.

• Approved establishing a pay rate of $12.54 an hour for the court clerk effective January 1st.

• Approved the draft of the letter opposing placement of a new landfill. The letter will now be sent to the appropriate people.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Galena City Council will be 6 p.m. on October 3.