Stressing the importance of completing the US 400/69 highway corridor between Lowell and Pittsburg, before the Special Legislative Committee on Transportation Thursday, Dec. 18 in Pittsburg Jim Dahmen called work on the US 400/69 highway a safety issue.

“I plead with you to find a way to enhance the corridor for the safety of Cherokee Countians,” said Dahmen. “The forecasted traffic volumes for the north corridor, in 2010 on US 400 will be from 4,500 to 5,400 vehicles per day. Fron just south of Pittsburg to Crestline  (US400/69) we see a traffic count (today) of 4,930. This figure is 13 percent higher than for the balance of US 400.”

“As part of the construction project, you would be helping the economy of a county languishing in the lowest five percent of counties in Kansas when it comes to per capita income,” Dahmen told the legislators. “You could get a ‘TWO-FER” by completing the US 69 Highway northward from Lowell to Pittsburg and you are finishing 20-plus miles of US400.”

The 18 legislators held the meeting in Pittsburg to hear from local citizens and office holders about the highway needs of Southeast Kansas. Several local representative spoke on the highway building program for future years.