Sunday the First Annual Columbus Invitational Basketball tournament was held at the Central school. It was a fifth grade invitational round robin tournament with teams from around Southeast Kansas.

The Riverton team took home the first place trophies for the day with a record of 3-0. Second place Trophies went to Arma with a 2-1 record, third place to Pittsburg and fourth to the Columbus Bomb Squad.     

 Besides the normal game activity there were special competitions for the day. The first of the day was a tip off competition that found Columbus player Devon LeFever facing the eventual winner from Pittsburg Donte Menghini in the Championship.

Then came the three point competition where two kids from each team got 10 shots to make as many three pointers as they could, the competition was won by Columbus Player Trey Robinson who made six of his 10 three point shots.

 An around the world competition was next with Columbus player Domonic Parish meeting up with the eventual winner from Pittsburg Spencer Turnbull in the Championship.

 The final game of the day was a Free Throw competition that all kids on the team got to participate in the last man standing and winner was Riverton player Dalton Weaver.     

 All places in tournament as well as special competitions received trophies for their accomplishments. Also receiving a trophy for the day was Riverton player Dillon Deckard who received the Mr. Hustle trophy for the kid that showed the most hustle through out the day' s games