Dear Editor,

Tribute to a friend and co-worker (Bill Jameson)

The announcement of the passing of Bill Jameson was sad news for me and a host of others.

The list of his accomplishments included that he worked at Calibrated Forms until his retirement in 1999. He did work at Calibrated, but he did much more than just work there. Bill was there from the very beginning serving as sales manager, and sales manager he was!

Calibrated Forms was one of the first companies to have computer pricing software that was developed inhouse under Billís direction. This was a distinct advantage for ny business in 1987, and it led to the fast growth of Calibrated Forms.

Bill wasnít just† worker, he was a huge part of the management team and played a vital role in the success of the company.

He was not flamboyant, seeking recognition for all he accomplished. He just did his part and did it well! I am a lucky mn to have known him and to have been associated with him.

Bill Amyx