Cherokee County Clerk Crystal Gatewood has been awarded a Help America Voter Act Endowment Program grant of $17,388.00 for the purchase of 12 ES&S Model 100 ballot scanners. She wrote the grant and submitted it in June of 2009.

These scanners will be used during elections to count and store ballots at each polling place.

“By using the M-lOO scanners, handling of the ballots will be reduced and counting and totaling election results will be much more quicker and efficient, while still maintaining the original ballots for a permanent record,” Gatewood said.

List price on the scanners was originally $5,025.00 each; however we were able to locate brand

new surplus machines in Crawford County for a reduced price of $1,880.00 per machine for a total of $22,560.00. Crawford County originally purchased extra machines through a HAVA Endowment Grant and the savings have been passed on to us through the reduced price, with additional grant funding the price of each scanner to Cherokee County will be $431.00 each.

The Help America Voter Act was passed in 2002 in order to facilitate the election process so all citizens would have equal opportunity of participating in our election process. In order to bring Cherokee County into compliance with HAVA requirements while remaining within budget restraints we have had to reduce the amount of polling places. Each of our poll workers will be educated to operate the M-100s and will receive all federal and state guidelines regarding elections.