Michael E. Best, CKSO, distribution of a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school, distribution of a controlled substance using communication device, possession of drug paraphernalia, no drug tax stamp, distribution of a controlled substance, no bond

Jason Williams, CKSO, DV battery, bond $1,500

David Mays, CKSO, 2 CKSO warrants, no bond

Sean Lewis, GPD, trespassing, bond $1,000

Zachary Anderson, GPD, trespassing, minor in consumption, bond $1,500

Janet Freeman, BSPD, pedestrian under the influence, bond $250

Kimberly Rion, GPD, DV battery, aggravated battery, battery, bond $10,000

Aaron Smith, CKSO, Allen County warrant, bond $500 cash

Aubrey F. Verren, CKSO Cherokee County warrant, bond $15,000

Adam Davied, CKSO, 48 hour commitment, no bond

Vance M. Perez, fleeing and attempt to elude, criminal damage to property, no insurance, theft, bond $5,000

Willie L. Moore, GPD, Bourbon County warrant, bond $2,500

William C. Clarke, GPD, Galena warrant, no bond

Christopher A. Wilson, KHP, Baxter Springs, warrant, failure to appear, bond $1,160

Aaron Parent, GPD, DUI, bond $1,500

Alfred Skye, BSPD, driving while suspended and no liability insurance, bond $960

Cierra Turner, CKSO, Sedgewick County warrant, no bond