Sen. Jerry Moran, (R-Kan.) visited Columbus for a town hall meeting Friday afternoon.

Moran spoke with residents for about an hour on topics as diverse as the debt ceiling, banking, regulations and entitlement reform.

"I do believe there is a significant challenge in our country today," he said. "If we don't' change our spending and borrowing habits that our country beigns to become something different than what we know it should be. It will be difficult for the next generation of Americans to pursue the American dream.

"I'm very much on the side of we've got to find ways to quit spending so darn much money."

The stop was part of a 105 county listening tour the freshman Senator is under taking. As the U.S. Representative from the Big First District in Western Kansas for 14 years Moran returned to Kansas every weekend. A practice he continues as a senator.

For more information on the Senator's visit see Tuesday's Advocate.