GALENA ó Carissa Crotts, the President of the Galena Girls Softball League, approached the Galena City Council Monday evening to ask for help on improving the softball fields. Among the areas that she is asking help on is the overall condition of the fields, the fencing around both fields and the condition of the concession stand.

The fields are being maintained by the league right now but they canít afford to make all the improvements it will take to make the fields safe for all. She also mentioned the condition that the bleachers are currently in.

The bleachers that are currently being used are also used by the city for Galena Days. The Parks Department will go and take a look at the fields and fencing to see what needs to be done and what they can do.

A representative from KSN/KODE was on hand to inform the council about the upcoming Severe Weather Tour. The council approved to spend $1,500 for KODE/KSN to come and do their weather forecast live from the city of Galena on a date to be determined. There will be a representative on hand on the determined date that will be available to set up weather radios to each person that attends. They will also be handing out DVDs which will teach people what to do in case of severe weather. The City of Galena will receive 50 commercials on each of the television stations during the week of the broadcast.

The city also has two trucks that are currently being used that need new tires. The total price to replace all tires on both vehicles is $1,300 which the council approved. The council also passed a motion to spend $683 on a new hydrant meter. Galena Chief of Police Larry Delmont asked the council to approve the hire of a part time dispatcher which will work approximately 16 hours a week and the council approved. Chief Delmont also brought up a safety concern that he has noticed recently. He has noticed that there are numerous basketball goals being placed in the streets that are becoming a safety concern. Also with the basketball goals being in the road comes the kids playing on the goals in the road. As the sun begins to set in Galena it becomes more of a safety concern because the kids and goals are not as visible to drivers. Also on the Chiefs mind is the fact that these basketball goals are in the road when a storm comes rumbling thru and the goals get blown over and out in the middle of the road. When the goals are laying on their side in the middle of the road they become almost invisible to drivers it becomes a big safety hazard if they are run over.

The demolition of the building on the corner of 7th and Main is coming along slowly the council was told, because the buildings are leaning badly. The buildings are leaning up to 11 inches, which is a safety concern for Ogelsby. Also the bricks that were a part of the demolished building were so old and worn out that they could be crushed by hand. The demolition company took their time in tearing down the building due to the condition of the bricks and due to the fact the buildings are leaning.

Ogelsby also gave an update on the hospital. He said that there is a mid-December completion date that has been set and they hope that they can make that date possible. They are ahead of schedule on the hospital. There are also plans for a shopping center to be placed in the area of the hospital. There are already several agencies and businesses that have interest in the shopping center. Among the agencies and businesses are an urgent care, a pharmacy and possibly a restaurant.

To close out the meeting, Renee Charles was sworn in by Mayor Ogelsby as the new city clerk. Charles is replacing Debbie Kitch, who recently retired from the position.