Last week Columbus Telephone Company completed a significant upgrade to their Internet network, advancing the company’s bandwidth to keep up with ever increasing demand for data. The enhancements have been seamless to Internet customers.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), bandwidth demand on fixed wire networks like CTC’s will grow by 50% per year, a trend that has been noticeable with Columbus customers in recent years.

“It is amazing how much bandwidth Columbus is consuming through the Internet. The Columbus community is truly a well-connected one,” stated CTC General Manager Trish Carroll.

In an effort to continue to provide the best possible Internet service, the company has increased its connection to the Internet by nearly 300%. The increase in bandwidth benefits all broadband Internet subscribers.

In addition to a much bigger “pipe” to the outside world, the company has also made their broadband Internet even more reliable. Today, CTC’s Internet service is now fully redundant, meaning the chances of an outage are even further reduced.

“We know that Internet connectivity is critical to our subscribers. With more bandwidth and safeguards against outages, our already reliable Internet service just got even better,” added Carroll.

Customers may or may not directly notice a difference with their Internet connection, but they will not see any effect on their monthly bill. CTC has elected to make these investments without changing Internet pricing, meaning subscribers are getting an even better value on their broadband service.

“As a member owned cooperative, it is our obligation to provide the best possible service for the lowest possible price – that is our goal,” proclaimed Carroll.

The upgrades to the company’s Internet service continue a long-standing tradition for Columbus Telephone Company. Historically the company has been at the forefront of communications technology; from its first call in 1905 to one of the first fiber-optic networks in Kansas.