Senator Pyle delivered the letter below to the governor on March 1

Dear Governor Colyer,

In the 2007 legislative session I introduced legislation calling for the State of Kansas to create a Kansas State Guard. There are approximately 23 states that now have active state guards. Kansas Statutes, K.S.A. 48-501, give authority to the governor to call upon the State Guard, provided that only once the Kansas National Guard has been federalized can a State Guard be formed and trained.

In light of the recent school shootings across the nation, I am asking you to consider taking the necessary steps to create a state guard that is solely under your direction and cannot be federalized.

It is my belief that there is potentially an untapped pool of people with a wide range of talents and experience in Kansas who will volunteer for such activity. The state needs a recognized structure to give these people, who want to be involved in civil defense, an avenue for participation. My purpose then and now is to provide mission-ready volunteer forces, for use by the state in homeland security and community service activities.

It is a responsible step for the state to look at further organizing volunteers to aid in service activities deemed necessary by the state. One such community service would be to have volunteer security assistance in schools, provided by State Guard volunteers. This could be done at very low cost to the state. Many former military, retired law enforcement, as well as medical retirees could be on the spot with life saving means in a voluntary capacity.

Governor Colyer, as a Doctor you understand just as preventative health care is so important, taking action to prevent horrific tragedies like ones we have seen recently, is critical to the safety and well-being of our state and it's populace. It is possible that in many situations it would be too late if we wait until the National Guard is called up to organize a State Guard. Being prepared for an emergency with a ready and able force, able to provide voluntary security assistance or supplementing the Kansas National Guard during times of a state crisis, and assisting with capable back up to law enforcement, just makes sense.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.


Dennis Pyle

State Senator