I had my first experience with Chuck E. Cheese last Saturday, and all I can say is I wish I would have thought of such a novel idea.

Serve mediocre, overpriced food, throw in a lot of games and rides and you have it made. How can you resist your three year old granddaughter when she just keeps saying "please can we eat at Chuck E. Cheese?" Of course like any grandparent I caved.

She was so excited that I agreed to take her there. I just didn't know what was in store for me. We ordered our food got our tokens and went to find a table and wait for our lunch.

We had to go spend some of our tokens while we were waiting, so I soon realized that I had better eat a lot I was going to need the strength.

The food like I said before was very mediocre, and quite pricey, but I guess you don't really go there for the food.

I have to say our time there was enjoyable.

Like most grandparents we seem to worry more about our little charges than if they were our own, so needless to say I went with her to every ride and every game she wanted to do, because I didn't want to lose sight of her.

I didn't realize that when they scan your arm when you go in it has a number and the kids with you also have the same number, so it would be very difficult for her to get out without me.

At the end our time we cashed in our 23 tickets and she got a ring, and she was happy. She didn't know that it actually cost $28!

When I took her home she hugged and thanked me so I guess our trip to Chuck E. Cheese really was worth it after all.

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