Traveling is sometimes a little trying especially when you are flying with your spouse that hates to fly.

We flew to Atlanta recently, and a week before our trip he starts going on about how bad it is to go through security. I told him to just wear slip-onís like me. He somehow didnít see the humor in that remark.

We flew out of Springfield which made it easier because it is small, parking is good, and there are no big crowds. Of course the airlines themselves make going through security harder, because I refuse to pay $25 to check my bag after paying for the tickets. So then you have to make sure everything is only 3 ounces and in baggies, and so on. It is kind of funny that after you go through that they end up taking your bags, and stowing them on the plane for you. They might as well take them checked for free.

We get to the airport, I go through the X-ray fine, but then I hear it go off and turn around and yes it is Bill!

They then tell him he will have to be patted down, and Iím just hoping he stays calm.

I didnít know that when you are patted down they want to see in your hair thank heavens he wears his hair short, and had just had a haircut. Not sure what he would have done if the TSA agent started running his fingers in his hair.

We made it on, the flight was great, our stay was enjoyable, and then we had to go through security at Atlanta to come home. You kind of feel like cattle being herded, because there are so many people. The agents just kind of motion with their arms and whistle if you dare to go in the wrong lane.

We got home in one piece, and I am planning our next trip to Atlanta to see his grandson, Logan. I will just have to remind him to get a haircut before we leave.

On a side note I want to really thank Wayne for the large amount of 8 track tapes he gave Bill after reading my column about the tape player! My house is beginning to look like a flea market!

(Chris Zimmerman is the publisher of the Cherokee County News-Advocate. She can be emailed at