So just how bad of shape is President Barack Obama’s campaign actually in?

Well we can look at it from a couple of perspectives. First at least one of his massive miscalculations where his opponent Mass. Governor Mitt Romney is concerned.

Few months back the Romney’s talked about going on vacation with their dog in a carrier strapped to the top of their car.

Oh the Horror! The animal rights wackos popped out of the woodwork and David Axlerod tweeted a photo of Obama and Bo (the family dog) riding in the presidential limousine with a caption about how this was the proper way to transport a dog.

Leaving aside, of course, that not all of us have a limo in which to transport our dogs, some wag dug up a line in his second autobiography (how many does one man need actually? What, are they like peanuts?) about having eaten dog as a child.

Romney’s campaign manager suddenly retweets the photo with a caption to the effect “Suddenly this photo is much more chilling.”

Fast forward a couple of weeks and Obama eating the family dog is suddenly a full fledged Internet meme and Twitter is on fire with “Obama eats dog” jokes.

Obama’s response?

To whine he shouldn’t have let Bill Ayers put that line in the book.

You know, former domestic terrorist from the Weather Underground Bill Ayres? The guy whom Obama said was “just an acquaintance,” despite launching his political career in the man’s living room. “Guilty as hell, free as a bird,” after a bombing? That guy?

Leaving aside my personal conviction Ayres, not Obama, actually wrote “Dreams of my Fathers,” don’t you think you should have a better response than that as a presidential candidate?

Will “Barry eats dogs” jokes bring down his presidency?

No, probably not. It probably won’t hurt him terribly in the polls.

It is illustrative of something, however.

In the minds of much of the public the president and his presidency are becoming a joke (I’ve thought so all along, but I didn’t think it was particularly funny.)

What will hurt him in the polls is his inability to manage something as simple as a few lines in his book going viral.

Add in dismal approval numbers, the fact that 62 percent of the American public thinks we’re on the wrong track as a nation and it’s not looking good for Barry.

It doesn’t help that he keeps trying to pin these “wars” on the Republicans.

His hand-picked Democratic National Committee head managed to insult every stay-at-home mom in the country by saying Romney’s wife Ann had never worked a day in her life because she chose to stay home and raise her children.

I’m not sure how opposition to forcing the Catholic Church to pay for services which are against their religion translates to “hating women,” but it obviously does — even though, once again, a majority of the American public disagreed with the Obama administration.

In point of fact, a majority of the American public disagrees with the Obama administration on just about everything from health care to the direction of the country.

Talk about your tin ear.

All IMHO, of course.

(Patrick Richardson is the managing editor of the CCNA. He can be emailed at Comment on this and other articles at