So I need someone to explain something to me. The left is constantly up in arms about the Koch Brothers and their money.

Now I grant you, these two are wealthy men.

David and Charles Koch jointly own Koch Industries which is the second largest privately owned company in the nation with annual revenues of around $100 billion.

They’re also active libertarian conservatives and use their money to fund everything from the Heritage Foundation to the Cato Institute and Americans for Prosperity.

Yippie skippie.

So let me get this straight. Two fabulously wealthy men, have political leanings — and — having more money than they know what to do with, spend some of it funding organizations who happen to agree with them, in hopes of influencing the political process.


Explain to me how this is any different from another fabulously wealthy man, named George Soros who has funded groups such as Media Matters for America and the Center for American Progress — two liberal organizations.

Now Soros has a net worth of about $22 billion, and — having more money than he knows what to do with — spends some of it funding organizations who happen to agree with him in hopes of influencing the political process.

So why is it OK that Soros does what he does but the Koch brothers are the epitome of evil?

Well it’s really quite simple — at least so far as the media is concerned. See, Soros is liberal. Liberal good. Koch Brothers conservative. Conservative bad.

Until recent years the left had something of a monopoly, not so much on political contributions, but on public combative contributions.

Conservatives mostly gave their money and kept their mouths shut. Liberals not so much. Guys like Soros have always been out front and big on funding organizations which were loud, proud and, well, bombastic.

Conservative organizations, until recently have tended to be, well, conservative.

Look, if you want to decry money in politics, be my guest. I think you’re a bit short-sighted, as there has always been money in politics, there will always be money in politics and every attempt to get the money OUT of politics has always backfired resulting in MORE money in politics.

Just don’t be a hypocrite about it.

Look I disagree with just about everything George Soros stands for. In fact I think he’s an evil individual who is using his money to manipulate the system for his own benefit — you know, exactly the same thing his defenders accuse the Koch Brothers of?


He has the right to spend his money any way he wants. As do the Koch’s.

If you’re going to scream about the Koch Brothers, you’d best scream about Soros as well. Or you reveal yourself as a partisan hypocrite and those of us who are intellectually honest will know you for who and what you are.

All IMHO, of course.

(Patrick Richardson is the managing editor of the CCNA. He can be emailed at Comment on this and other stories at