Several donations to the Columbus Museum are now amoung the items of historical interest.

Jim Cook donated a 1982 Girl Scout pocket planner 1982; Harold L. Stocking Family donated Navy uniforms and a 1974 Checoukan yearbook, and a framed Chevrolet approved mechanic certificate.

Charles Mallams donated a roll down school map. Jerry Weaver donated several  medicine bottles and Makinney pop bottles.

The museum had seven total visitors: three  men visitors, four women visitors, no boy or girl visitors. There were six visitors from Cherokee County, and one visitor from the State of Kansas. No visitors from outside the state.

Volunteer workers donated approximately five hours to the museum.

There  is not a lot to report this month as we entered into our slow time of the year here. Even though gas prices are down, people are preparing for the holidays and things here get quiet. It is good to slow down once in a while so one can catch up on things left undone for when we get a slow period.

We are still encouraging people to bring in their military information and photo so it can be put in our Military Memorial Notebooks.

The celebration tree for this month was our thankful tree. It was adorned with pilgrims, Indians and our visitors’ city and state were put forth on paper fruits, vegetables and nuts. The December tree will be celebrating Christmas and will be adorned with angels.

The museum board will meet January 8,  at 6:15 p.m.