Composing poetry has brought notoriety to Columbus High School junior Payton Simpson. She has been invited to read her work at the Kanza Days festival in May.

A Columbus High School junior received an honorable mention for her poetry in the 2009 Kansas Voices Contest, sponsored by Winfield Arts.

Payton Simpson, has been invited to read her poem ďThe Pottery Wheel,Ē at a dinner that will be held in Winfield on May 2, during Kanza Days.

Winning entries will be published by Kansas Voices.† The contest was open to all Kansas residents.

This was the entry that won the honorable mention in the contest:

The Pottery Wheel

Arms pulled to your sides,

Keep your head down, Itís a bumpy ride,

As the clay pounds.

Keep your head down,

Donít lose your wit,

The clay pounds,

But you must control it.

Donít lose you wit,

Center it in the middle,

Your must control it,

It looked so simple.

Center it in the middle,

Youíve finally done it,

Maybe it is simple,

Just a flick of your wrist.

Now youíve finally done it,

Time for step two,

Just a flick of your wrist,

For a master like you.

Time for step two,

Press in your thumb,

For a master like you,

It seems rather dumb.

Press in your thumbs,

It starts to shake,

This seems rather dumb,

It begins to quake,

It starts to shake,

Then falls apart,

Begins to quake,

This breaks your heart.

It fell apart,

So Start again,

This breaks your heart,

Let it begin.

Start all over again,

Itís bumpy ride,

Let it begin,

Arms pulled to your sides.†††