The regular meeting of Chapter V of the P.E.O. Sisterhood was held on February 5, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Ena Smittle.† Alice Holt served as Co-Hostess.† By general consent Connie Sarwinski served as Guard.† Chaplain Pam Cody read from Matthew 25 verses 34 through 40.† The meeting was opened in due form by President Barbara Jones.† Fourteen members responded to roll call.† The minutes of the last regular meeting were read and approved with one correction.

Connie Sarwinski reported the next meeting will be at the home of Barbara Jones with Joyce Hamlet as her co-hostess.† JaneAnn Turner will be having the meeting, Spice Up Your Life with Hobbies.† Each member is to bring something to represent their hobby in a brown paper sack so we can guess each otherís hobbies.

Sara North informed the members that we will be selling chances on a pillow for a fund raiser.

Barbara Jones read her Presidentís Letter.† Barbara talked about how wonderful this past year had been and highlighted some of the most enjoyable programs and activities that we participated in.

Susan Daniel-Brey gave the program Spice Up Your Life with some Soup & a Good Book.† We started the evening off with a meal consisting of Minestrone soup and rye bread prepared by John & Ena Smittle that was delicious.† Susan had each sister share the name of their favorite book and tell a little about it or share what book they are currently reading.† It was a very interesting meeting and we learned a lot about each sister.†

A Chocolate Surprise Cake was served to the following members:† Pam Cody, Susan Daniel-Brey, Rebecca Edmondson, Barbara Hamilton, Alice Holt, Barbara Jones, Helen Kelley, Sara North, Jane Rhinehart, Connie Sarwinski, Marylin Shumake, Ena Smittle, Jane Ann Turner, and Jean VanBeber.††