Pastor Warren Stanton

“Jesus said, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2)  

I do not need to ponder long to realize the same need for spiritual laborers to carry out God’s spiritual harvest exists today. The call is for true and diligent laborers to obtain the spiritual results pleasing to God.

God also expects us to do physical labor. Next Monday is Labor Day. I believe that it is an important day that is set aside for paying homage to the efforts of the workers who are so vital in our world.

Labor Day may mean a day of vacation for some. However, my dad literally translated the day as one to get work done. Growing up on a farm required work everyday. My dad and I could not skip a day of milking the cows. As a farmer, my dad labored and dreamed to build a better tomorrow. One in which, life would be easier for his children and grandchildren.

Perhaps, my dad’s dream came true. As a Pastor, I seldom have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to start the day. There are some, who think that the labor for a pastor is easy and the pay is great for just bringing a sermon on Sunday mornings. There is more work expected of a pastor than some may think; however, I can assure you that I thank God for my “calling” and the satisfaction that comes with the work.

There is a story about a pastor that went to the car dealer to try and but a good used car. The pastor pleaded with the salesman to give him a “good deal,” because he was poor Baptist preacher. The salesman replied, “Yes, I know. I heard you last Sunday.”

Regardless of our financial status, both physically and spiritually we should desire to work with gratitude and thanksgiving. If we work at a secular job, the hourly pay may appear to be better than working in the spiritual harvest. However, God’s work has eternal dividends. Remember, that we can’t take “if” with us when we die, but we can send “it” ahead.

May you have a great day on Monday. Observe the day in a very special way. If you go on a picnic, look for ants. “Ants work hard and never play.” I am not sure about that statement. They seem to be at a lot of picnics. So take a break from work and enjoy the picnic. Get your mind off of work. However, I want you to ponder on one thought as you’re eating a boiled or deviled egg: An egg may not seem much to us, but for a chicken, it’s a whole day’s work, and perhaps was intense labor.