The Weir Public Library Board met December 11 with the following members present: Margaret Sullivan, Ronda Coltrane, Karen Thompson, Melissa Gardner, Roxy Blessant, and Stef Arbuckle.

Members reviewed policy and procedures, and the 2009 budget for the library.

Kathy Morton was the winner of the Campbell’s “bling” bag and cookbook fund raiser.

Sixty-seven new hardcovered children books have been added to the easy, junior, and young adult collections.

Five new computers have been installed in the library. Four computers have replaced the previous public units and the “antique” at the librarian’s desk was replaced.

These books and computers were made possible by the Libri Foundation, Gates Foundation, and the citizen’s of the Weir community that participated in the variety of fund raisers held to meet the two to one ratio of the grant’s requirements.

In the juvenile section of the library, young patrons will find the new books on display along with their counterparts from the shelves.

Featured author of the month has been Dean Koontz, a master of the thriller novel. His books will leave you with an extra chill down your spine to go along with the winter weather.

Remaining for easy access is a variety of cookbooks for the holidays.

New to the adult shelves: “The Pagan Stone” by Nora Roberts; “The Bodies Left Behind”, Jeffery Deaver; “Just  After Sunset” by Stephen King; “Scarpetta” by Patricia Cornwell; “Born to Run” by James Grippando; and “Mortal Danger” by Ann Rule.

New to the juvenile shelves along with the 67 Libri Foundation books: the complete set of the “A to Z Mysteries” by Ron Roy; “Who Made This Cake?” by Chihiro Nakagawa; “Bog Child” by Siobhan Dowd; “Yap and Hap go to Wee Care Catering School” by Pat Nekola.