The Cherokee County Kansas Genealogical-Historical Society held its monthly meeting at the genealogy library on Tuesday evening, February 3, as the meeting in January had been cancelled due to icy conditions. There were 18 members and two guests present. A general business meeting was conducted.

Jerry Lomshek donated “The Frontenac, Kansas Mine Explosion of 1888”.

Rick Parmele gave an enjoyable program titled “What’s For Dinner” wherein he named various restaurants and cafes which had been located in Columbus at one time.

2008 was a very busy year with over 800 visitors to the library representing 26 states. 132 requests for research had been answered and mailed during the year as well as e-mails, too numerous to count. Volunteers continue to index the old newspaper for deaths, births, marriages, and other items of interest. Winona Geodeke finished indexing and typing marriage cards up to February 1946. Marilyn Schmitt is still working on the school census records and is now on District 73. Helen Kelley just finished reading the 1979 Columbus Daily Advocate. Bob King is reading the Galena newspapers for the early 1900’s. Rick and Mary Jane Parmele have visited all the cemeteries and burial sites in Cherokee County and have placed photos of all the tombstones on Mary Jane and Ella Buzzard are now in the process of updating the cemetery card file. They’re checking obituaries and funeral home records to find complete dates of death for those persons whose tombstones have only the birth year and the death year. They also are trying to find dates for those persons who do not have tombstones.

The Genealogy Library is located at 100 S.Tennessee and is open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Researchers and visitors are welcome. Anyone wishing additional information may call 620-429-2992.