The month started with the museum board electing officers for 2009. The officers are as follows: President-Jimmy Burton; Vice-President-Ron Homes; Secretary-Dorothy Fanoele and Treasurer-Betty Burton.

The new heating a cooling unit for the museum was installed the first part of the month. We are very thankful for the unit because with warmer weather just around the corner we will need the air conditioner.

Many of you may remember Mona Tanner who in the past has worked at the museum and with the genealogy society. Mona, also worked many years at the Columbus Daily Advocate office and she has a wealth of information that she shares with others. This was the case this month.

A lady was doing research in genealogy. She was trying to get the names of people in a photo. She went to see Mona and Mona told her exactly where to find the photograph in the museum and that all the information was with the photo. We walked back to the spot that Mona told her to look and sure enough the photo with the information was right there.  We appreciate Mona for her many years of dedication to the history of Columbus and Cherokee County.

Richard Jones was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame this year. His photo and information will be displayed in the Sports Alley section of the museum. Larry Hiatt from the Columbus Daily Advocate ran a nice article about the Sports Hall of Fame in the paper when the induction banquet was held.

In the January reported it was stated that the Sports Hall of Fame section of the museum was being rearranged and we hoped to have it completed by the first part of February. That did not happen as the project turned out to be a real challenge because we needed to fit 184 inches of photos in a space that measured 172 inches. It is not impossible if you adjust enough.

The celebration tree was adorned with natique valentines from the museum. The cities and states of the visitors were on different colored hearts. March will be a “Welcome to our Garden tree.”

The April museum board meeting will be at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 9.

Visitors’ Report

Total visitors 22; men visitors, 5; women visitors, 9; boy visitors 2; girl visitors 6.

Cherokee County visitors 17, state of Kansas 2; USA 3; World 0.

Donations: Ken and Barbara Jones—the framing of the Sports Hall of Fame photos.

Volunteer workers’ hours: Approximately 17 hours.